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Decembers is an important month for the church. Not only are we celebrating the birth of our savior but this is the time of year where most churches push for their end-of-year giving. We want you to finish 2020 strong and get you ready for 2021.


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Website Text Template

Create a new page on your website using the pre-written text and add a link to your online giving portal.

Ready Email Templates

Create easy to quick to send emails that are already created for you. Just tweak and send.

End of Year Giving Graphics​

Get 3 different styles: Classic, Contemporary and Modern.


Over 600 Churches Have Partnered with Drive Faith Home to Reach and Disciple Busy Families


Included in Drive Faith Home

For a church to thrive it must reach and disciple young families. The reality is that most church kids leave active faith as young adults but become open to church when they have children. You have the opportunity to reach and disciple them. Drive Faith Home offers a wide variety of tools available to help those in any life season take steps toward creating a God-honoring home.


We encourage you to take the Appraisal several times a year to assess how intentional you have been at home and to help you decide what small steps you can take next.


With more than two dozen topics, Drive Faith Home provides a biblical perspective on the most common family seasons and challenges, along with recommended resources.

Idea Cards

Idea Cards make it easy for couples, parents and grandparents to take one small step to become more intentional at home, including mealtime conversations, movie night chats, etc.


Initiatives support a specific theme and/or intentionality habit such as date nights, prayer@home, meals@home, wise technology use, etc. Families will have access to free resources that will make it easy to incorporate faith conversations and relationship building routines into the fabric of family life.

Faith Path Kits

On select birthdays for your child, you should receive an email offering a free kit that will train and jump-start you on the age–appropriate strategy for your child’s faith formation from birth through age eighteen. Each kit includes a training video, guide, starter ideas, and other helpful elements.

Faith–Filled Holidays

Most holidays are either rooted in a Christian faith tradition or can be used as natural launching points for faith and relationship building conversations. We provide tools to help you become intentional during holiday celebrations.


Membership Pricing


under 1,000 in church attendance
$ 59
  • $89/month for over 1,000 in attendance


under 1,000 in church attendance​
$ 597
  • $897/month for over 1,000 in attendance


Proven Leadership

Our team leverages decades of unparalleled experience and exceptional integrity in family ministry.

Effective Model

Our model has restored the home as the primary context for Spiritual Formation for hundreds of churches worldwide.

Customizable Tools

Our innovative tools provide churches of any size the opportunity to implement the Drive Faith Home model successfully.


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Drive Faith Home offers a wide variety of tools available to help those in any life season take steps toward creating a God-honoring home.